29 September 2007


Today, Charles and I took Sydney to the Utah Baby Fair at the Provo Library today. There were lots of displays and free classes to go to, but the best part was at the end of the day. We won a prize from the raffle for a free photo session and $59 credit towards pictures from a local photography studio. On top of that, we had already signed up for a free session with them earlier this morning, which means we get two photo sessions from them. Pretty good for a $5 entrance fee.

24 September 2007

Chamberlin Family

First family photo in eight years. Still missing Melissa's husband Adam and Annie's husband Kevin. Hopefully we will all be together at Thanksgiving. L to R, Front to Back; Melissa with Jacob and McKenzie (two of her four) on her lap. My mom with Sydney, My Dad with Halee (Melissa's) and Emma (Shane's), Shane with his kids McKayla and Andrew, Karyn. B Ashley, Me, Valerie, Annie, Ben (Melissa's), Elisha

Blessing dress

My mom crocheted this by hand. It took three to four months.

Baby Blessing

My family drove in from Kansas on Saturday for the baby blessing on Sunday. It was the first time in eight years that all six siblings have been in the same place at the same time. That was exciting. The baby blessing went well. My father, Victor, my brother, the EQP, Bishop, Valerie's Uncle Rob and my Uncle Allen, stood in the circle. I don't have the transcript of the blessing of course but one particular part of the blessing stands out to me; it went something like, "you have been blessed with zeal unto stubbornness." In another part the blessing said that Sydney came to our family because of her personality and that Heavenly Father was very particular about her placement.

20 September 2007


My dad flew into Salt Lake today. He's here for Sydney's blessing on Sunday. We're excited to have him here with us. Charles is especially excited, since he gets to go to the BYU vs. Air Force football game on Saturday with my dad. I, sadly, will be practicing for the Primary Program during the game.

Morning Ritual

Every morning, after I feed and change Sydney, I give her to Charles so that I can shower. They then snuggle until I wake Charles up for the day. It's just so cute!

15 September 2007


I was trying to get a video of Sydney "talking" to me, but she can be stubborn when she wants to be...wonder who she gets that from.

Edit: It's a lot longer than I meant it to be, and the first part is pretty shaky...sorry.

Poster Child

A few weeks ago, Valerie found a photographer who was looking for a subject to test lighting techniques on. She e-mailed her and signed up the family for a photo shoot, with the focus being on Sydney. Last week, the pictures were done and we picked them up. AMAZING pictures!

Yesterday, Valerie received an e-mail from the photographer, asking if it would be okay to use some of the pictures of Sydney on her website and in postcards for her business. We agreed. So our daughter is a model, or at least the "postcard" child.