31 May 2008

Stewart Falls


Yesterday, we went on a family hike and got almost to Stewart Falls. It was nice, not too hard and the perfect temperature to spend some time in the mountains. We would have made it to the falls, but we couldn't find the trail head at first and I had to be back to the apartment to make dinner for a family in our ward boundaries.


Charles carried Sydney the whole was in the baby carrier. She was so good, only getting upset when it was time for her nap. We just turned her around so she was facing in and she slept almost the whole way back to the car.


This last picture is along the trail to the falls.

28 May 2008

Fevers and Rashes and Screaming...Oh My!

So, Saturday afternoon we noticed that Sydney was really warm. We checked her temperature and it was 102 degrees. So, we gave her some baby Tylenol and spent the evening home. She didn't show any other signs of being sick and her fever wasn't high enough to take her into the ER (and we did not want to go there AGAIN this month) so we just watched her. She still had a fever on Sunday, so Charles and I traded off going to church (I went to choir and Sacrament meeting to sing with the choir and Charles went to teach Sunday School and get sacrament with the next ward) and watching the baby. Her fever seemed to break early Monday morning, but she still had a slight fever all day. Yesterday, she was fine, so we didn't worry about calling the doctor. Then, this morning, when I went to change her diaper and dress her for the day, we noticed that she had a rash all over her chest and back and down into her diaper. So, we called the doctor and took her in to find out that she had roseola. On top of all this, she's been a pain to get to bed, staying up until midnight the other night, alternating between screaming and playing all night.

22 May 2008

Happenings: Past, Present and Future

  • Charles was offered and accepted a job working for Provo City. He will be starting on June 2nd and will work four tens and have three day weekends every week. We can't wait.
  • Sydney just stood on her own (without any support) for ten to fifteen seconds. However, we're pretty sure it was because she was distracted...she won't support herself on her own if you try to make her.
  • Sydney and I (well, just me really) have tickets to fly out to Nebraska for a week when Trevor comes home from Denmark in a month and a half.
  • We have a series of visitors coming during the month of June. My dad and Talia will be coming for a Duran family reunion (that probably should be in Spanish, but I'm feeling lazy) and will be here for about a week. Then, after that, Chelsea will be coming for two weeks to attend SOAR and will fly back home with me as I head to Nebraska.

15 May 2008

Little Helper


Whenever I try to do anything on the computer, I have a little helper who tries to aid me in typing. So, I am limited in when I can post and actually do anything to when Sydney is down for a nap or in bed for the night. So, usually whenI blog, I back date several entries so that they are close to the date they actually occurred on. So scroll down the page a bit to see some entries from before Sydney got sick.

Flower Child


So this is actually from the week before Sydney got sick, but I love this picture SO MUCH! Especially the dimple in her left cheek! Too cute!

09 May 2008


We're all home! Well, we all got home yesterday, but I was too exhausted to even think of saying anything.

Our doctor is pretty sure that Sydney had rotavirus, which causes dehydration. Normally, hospitalization is not required, but because she is so young, we (Charles and I and our doctor) all felt much better about just keeping her in the hospital, rather than multiple trips to the ER daily. Once Sydney stopped vomiting everything she ate and started acting like her usual active self, we were cleared to go home.

Sydney is doing SO much better. She's been into everything again and now crawls around the house saying "hi" or trying to mimic whatever we say. And she's almost back into her regular sleep routine (which we are glad for since we didn't want to have to sleep in her crib with her anymore). I'm just trying to catch up on a weeks worth of housework since everything got put on hold until Sydney was better.

We are thankful for all the prayers and thoughts that were sent our way. We really felt them and they are a big reason that she got better so quickly.

06 May 2008

Prognosis Same as Usual

Well we are here at the hospital still. We will be here until tomorrow morning at least. This is day six of the adventure. The doctor came by this morning and said "We are in no hurry to send her home." So we may be here a while. It sounds like he is planning on taking his time. She seems more active today then yesterday. However, she has thrown up twice in the last 24 hours. She hates the crib here. The picture is our futile attempt to get her to sleep last night. Valerie tried it also, but Sydney threw up on her! I was able to go home and sleep a little. I guess Valerie had the raw end of that deal, but she does get free meals because she is breastfeeding still.
Anyways, we are hanging in here. Thank you all for your prayers!!

04 May 2008


Now, we're all sick.

02 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Poor Baby


Poor Sydney has had her first experience with the stomach flu. She's been throwing up since Wednesday and is just not feeling great. Thank heavens for Pedialyte, which is the only thing she's been keeping down regularly. Hopefully she'll be back to her regular active self soon.

On a side note, I've been impressed with how I've handled her being sick. Just ask Charles.

01 May 2008

Danielle Visits


One of my college roommates, Danielle Koberstein, came to visit me while she was in Utah for a niece's baptism and a nephew's blessing. It was fun to get to spend time with her and see her adorable children. The picture above is of Sydney and I with Lawrence, Danielle's four month old boy who is already bigger than Sydney.


This picture is of Dawna and Sydney enjoying some juice. Last time we saw Dawna, she had just turned one. Now, she's almost two and has a TON more hair than last time we saw her, not to mention the fact that she is talking as well.