29 April 2009

New Sister

Trevor and Julie
...in-law that is.

My brother, Trevor, proposed to his girlfriend yesterday. We're so excited to have Julie become part of our family this summer.

Bits of Bean

  • On my way to the shower this morning, I could hear Sydney talking in her room. She was going "B. Y. U. Tugars (cougars) Rawr! I don't know which of her friends she was talking to, but it was pretty great.
  • Sydney was playing with Charles and wanted him to tickle her tummy. She would count "1,2,3" and then he would tickle her. She realized that three was the cue for him to tickle her and so she just started going "3! 3! 3!".
  • Sydney was also mimicking Charles putting on his belt and tucking in his shirt. It was pretty cute to see.

28 April 2009

Everyone wants to be a Pundit.

Now that Charles is really, officially done with his undergraduate degree, he's going to be writing more on his political blog, Within the Pachyderm. Let him know if you agree with him or not. He loves a good debate.

Dentist Update

We took Sydney to the dentist again today to look at her chipped tooth. This time, she started screaming the second the dentist walked in the room. The tooth definitely needs to come out, so they're going to put her under anesthesia in a few weeks and pull it out. So not looking forward to it.


Last time we were at the park (which was a week ago, I've had really awful allergy problems recently) Sydney went down the biggest slide all by herself. I have to help her climb up to it, but once I get her up there, she comes down all on her own.

Picture 1504

Getting ready to slide.

Picture 1505

At the bottom.

27 April 2009

Duck Pond

We went after Family Home Evening to feed the ducks. I had some fun with my camera while Sydney and Charles fed them. Sydney was pretty excited to see the ducks, but didn't want ot be put down. Hopefully, next time we go, I'll get pictures of Sydney feeding them.

Picture 1705

Picture 1690

Picture 1689

26 April 2009

Temple Square in the Spring

On Friday, we went up to Temple Square for a family outing. We got to see TONS of tulips.

Picture 1604

We tried to get some pretty pictures of Sydney. She was more interested in showing us her nose.

Picture 1613

This one's a little better, but Charles was standing over me and she was looking at him.

Picture 1620

More tulips. I love the black-purples ones.

Picture 1625

Salt Lake Temple.

Picture 1626

We took a tour of the Church Office Building's roof.

Picture 1631

I love this view of the temple...how many brides can you see?

Picture 1633

It was quite the fun experience.

Picture 1655

Sydney sticking her mouth in a hole made for cameras.

Picture 1663

And we finished the trip off with a meal in the Garden Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Picture 1666

Guessing Game

Can you tell what's wrong with this house?

Picture 1593

How about now?

Picture 1591

That's right, there's a rock in the garage door.

Picture 1590

This house is actually in the area of Provo that Charles is over, so he got to go and look at it with the building inspectors. He was pretty impressed. It went THROUGH the house after bouncing down the mountain (it's right at the highest point that you could still build at, practically no yard.) and the garage door is where the rock finally came to rest.

25 April 2009


We asked Sydney what she wanted for dinner tonight, since I was feeling lousy from allergies. She walked over to the refrigerator and looked at the door for a minute and then turned to us and said, "Burger." We asked her again and she gave us the same answer. So, she and Charles went out and picked up some cheeseburgers and then came home. I was especially impressed that after asking for it, she even ate a good portion of it.

22 April 2009

Back Up

Picture 1311

I've done some backdating of posts, so just keep going back and you'll be caught up.

16 April 2009

Big Girl

Picture 1433

We converted Sydney's crib to a toddler-size day bed. She enjoys getting in and out while we are in the room. Thankfully, she has had no problems getting used to sleeping in her bed. In fact, we're pretty sure she doesn't realize that she can get out of her bed without us in the room.

15 April 2009


Becca and Danielle came out to Utah to spend a few days with us. It was tons of fun with them and Danielle's two kids here. Hopefully we can do it again soon, with Brooke here too!

Picture 1325

Playing with chalk.

Picture 1337

Dawna at the Skyroom.

Picture 1339

Lawrence at the Skyroom.

Picture 1341

Lawrence's face whenever food was offered. That kid LOVED food! Made me feel better about my cooking.

Picture 1347

Sydney finishing off my dessert.

Picture 1362

Making faces.

Picture 1368

Dawna and Danielle.

Picture 1387

Playing with the exersaucer was a big hit.

Picture 1390

Provo Temple...note the grey sky and cold looking atmosphere.

Picture 1392

Dawna at the Provo Temple...little snowflakes were falling.

Picture 1394

And by the time we made it to the Mt Timpanogos temple, it was a full on snow storm. Lame.

Picture 1401

More faces.

Picture 1415

Wearing Dawna's shoes.

Picture 1425


Picture 1427

Sydney loved having friends over.

Picture 1432

14 April 2009

13 April 2009

Easter Sunday

Picture 1318

Trevor and Julie came over on Easter Sunday and had dinner with us. I should have taken a picture of the food, especially the cake which everyone enjoyed, but I forgot.

Picture 1321

Sydney and Uncle Trevor.

11 April 2009

Finding Easter Eggs

This was Sydney's first Easter Egg hunt as well. We practiced finding empty plastic eggs the night before so she would have an idea of what to do. When she woke up in the morning and came out to the living room, she went straight for her little basket and picked up the eggs.

Picture 1277

Picture 1279

Picture 1288

Looking at the Easter Basket

Picture 1305

Candy. While I was in the shower, she figured out how to open the plastic eggs, which had jelly beans in them. Charles was supposed to be watching her.

10 April 2009

Coloring Eggs

Picture 1231

We colored Easter Eggs with Sydney for the first time this year. We're pretty sure she had fun. She liked dropping the eggs in the dye and stirring them around.

Picture 1235
She really liked stirring.

Picture 1242


Picture 1257

Eating the egg.

Picture 1271

Finished product.