07 January 2012



This picture is for my dad, who seems to have passed his love of Doritos and spicy food down to his granddaughter.  Here, she is eating the last of the crumbs of the bag that Charles bought for them to share.

03 January 2012



Family game night tonight. The Ladybug Game was definitely a favorite. Thanks, Grandma and Tata.

02 January 2012

Duran Lunch Out

On everyone's last day in Bellevue, we went out to the Chinese Buffet for Dad's birthday lunch the day after his birthday since we "don't eat on Sunday."


Everyone, minus Charles and I, as we wouldn't fit in the shot.  Sorry your eyes are closed, Mom. And, look at that ham in the lower left corner. Where did she get that from?


How everyone really acts.


Scarfing down the cheesecake Dad got for his birthday.