20 February 2010

Lincoln Children's Museum--Picture Heavy


We took Sydney to the children's museum today. She LOVED it! We were there for two hours and had to bribe her with hamburgers to get her to come home so we could head out to Omaha to go to the Temple. Here are some highlights from our visit.

















14 February 2010

High Priest Picture


Since Charles already posted about being made a High Priest, I thought I would include the "High Priest Picture." Apparently, you can't really smile when you become a High Priest. Nevertheless, we were thrilled to have all of our parents and Talia here with us. We almost had them here for even longer, as the interstate was closed for hours due to whiteout and blizzard conditions.

Some News

Some news, with more later perhaps. Today Valerie's parents and my parents came to Lincoln for church. My father ordained me a High Priest and I was sustained and set apart as the first assistant to the High Priest group leader. I guess Valerie is correct, I am officially an old man!

11 February 2010

Shopping with Sydney


Sydney found a new way to stay with us shopping. Charles totally brought this upon himself, since he told her she needed to hold onto his pockets, but never specified which ones.


"They're not too big. They're cute!"

Glad she has no money.

So, yesterday, we went out shopping. I was trying on some boots and Sydney DESPERATELY wanted to try on some shoes too. I pulled out some way too big Converse sneakers and put them on her. As I tried to tell her that they were too big, she looked at me and said, "No, they're toot."

08 February 2010

Serving Others

Our Relief Society did a humanitarian aid project and to help out, our family put together a few hygiene kits for Family Home Evening. Sydney loved helping us put them together and keeps asking if we can "help the people" again.



06 February 2010

Sewing Pillowcases


When we went to Kansas for Christmas, we picked up a sewing machine from Charles' parents house. My first project on my machine was to make Sydney some pillowcases. I didn't get pictures of the finished project (think of pink and butterflies and I'm sure you can picture them), but Charles did take some pictures of me sewing.

05 February 2010



We got some snow last night and Charles' last class of the day was cancelled, so we went out and played in the snow today.


Making a snowman.




Snow Angels.



Snowball fights.


04 February 2010

Morrill Hall...take 2


We went to visit Morrill Hall today...you know, the elephant museum. Sydney was super excited to go. When we pulled up to the museum, she took one look at the giant mammoth statue outside and knew that we were there. We took the time to go through the museum today and had a lot of fun.


I was super excited to see this room with the giant DNA strand. The best part was hearing Sydney explain to Charles that DNA is "what makes me, me!"



These rock were pretty cool, especially under the black light as you can see.


Being a woodpecker/flicker.


Under a giant turtle.


Smelling things is actually an activity she really enjoys.


Building a tree...


...and knocking it down.


Digging for dinosaur fossils.



Butterflies are her new favorite thing...here she is telling us about them.



Checking out the shells.

Mexican Bean



This kid loves Mexican food. Seriously, call the meal a taco of any kind, and she'll eat it.

*Funny story about that title. When Sydney was born, Charles worked at a call center and we would bring him dinner every night. One night, one of the callers heard him call her "bean" and asked him why he was calling her a racist name. We just laugh about it.

02 February 2010


Sydney has an imaginary friend...or maybe it is a pet. Recently, she has been "carrying" around a bunny. She takes her with us everywhere. Like today, while we were running errands, we kept having to wait for the bunny to hop up to us. Or this afternoon, when the bunny watched Sydney eat her lunch. Or when we went to pick up Charles from school and the bunny was in her pocket or buckled up in her car seat with her. And, when we tucked Sydney into bed, the bunny was laying down next to her on her pillow, waiting to be tucked in as well. We think it came around when we checked this book out from the library.

A girl and her water bottle.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She had a water bottle, which she loved. It was relatively spill proof and kid proof and she would take it every where. It looked something like this...

One day, while at a doctor's appointment, the water bottle was lost. And then, the girl moved to Nebraska and knew she would never see her water bottle again. She was very sad and mourned the loss of her bottle for many months.

Then, one day, a handsome prince decided to prove his love to the girl. He went on a search and found a new bottle that was similar to the bottle...like this one.
but in every other way, exactly like the first bottle. And the girl was very happy once again.

There was also a little girl, who went shopping with the prince to get the new water bottle. She fell in love with a water bottle of her own. Of course, the prince was a softie, and he bought it for her. The little girl was very excited and carried it around all evening, telling everyone about her water bottle that is just for her. It was pretty cute.