28 August 2009

East-West Game

Picture 3896

We went to a football game at my old highschool. It was some big anniversery, or something so they had parachuters bring in the school flags and the United States flag.

Picture 3898

Picture 3905

Picture 3917

Sadly, West lost for the first time since I went to the school. But it was fun to go to the game.

23 August 2009

Sydney's Stylings

Picture 3881

Sydney decided to dress herself.

15 August 2009

Trevor and Julie--15 August 2009 *picture heavy*

Picture 3798

Trevor and Julie coming out of the Temple.

Picture 3802

Picture 3806

Picture 3809

Picture 3811

Picture 3815

Picture 3818

Picture 3819

Picture 3833

The last time we had a picture of all of us was my wedding.

Picture 3841

Picture 3875


Picture 3792

I swear, this is the most doted on child I have ever seen. Everyone just loved to watch her dance and play throughout the whole wedding weekend. Good thing she's cute. Here she is while we were waiting for Julie and Trevor to come out of the Temple.

14 August 2009

Crawford Get Together.

The night before Trevor and Julie's wedding, we went up to the Residence Inn in Salt Lake and had a barbeque with my mom's family. It was fun to see all my aunts and uncles and have them meet Charles and Sydney.

Picture 3755

Apparently, Crawfords like to push the limits...this hot tub had a limit of three people.

Picture 3762

This little girl kept coming out of her room two stories up and waving at Sydney.

Pre-Wedding Jitters?

I hope Trevor doesn't hate me for posting this...

Picture 3751

I don't know if Julie had problems sleeping the night before the wedding, but Trevor had no problems.

Working Hard

Picture 3747

We arrived in Utah for Trevor's wedding and immediately got put to work. Even Sydney had a job to do. Who knew that a dorm apartment could get so dirty in less than two months?

To set the record straight, Chelsea didn't ask for our help. And Sydney did want to clean with us. And my dad bought us Cafe Rio afterward, so it was worth it.

11 August 2009

I could do this with my eyes closed

Picture 3741
This is Kansas.

Picture 3744
This is Sydney, in Kansas.

I think it's safe to say that driving in Kansas is boring. Being at the Chamberlin's house in Kansas is not, but driving in Kansas...very, very boring.

10 August 2009


Picture 3739

Cake anyone?

06 August 2009

Movie Night

Picture 3730

When we moved into our new apartment, we entertained ourselves by setting up the laptop on the bed and watching movies before going to bed. Sydney thought that this was the best thing ever. She would walk around asking for "mooovie night?" (said while increasing her volume and raising her inflection.) Her favorite one to watch: Finding Nemo.

Picture 3733
Apparently, Charles does not approve.

04 August 2009

Mistaken Identity

So, Sydney has never seen a squirrel, since she was born in Utah and the place seems to be devoid of squirrels. This morning, in our new apartment, we were watching them play outside our window. I had been identifying them to her, you know, "Look, Sydney, squirrels." Next thing I know, she is telling me about the "monkeys" in the tree.

Then, earlier this evening, we went for a walk on the UNL east campus grounds. We were showing her the bunnies (which are apparently terribly frightening...sorry Chels) and the birds and then we saw some more squirrels. Sydney immediately identifies them as "bunnies", then "birds", and finally as "cats." So we tried to teach her the word squirrel. I guess we'll see if it sticks.

02 August 2009

Here at last.

We are officially in Nebraska even though most of our stuff is not. Tomorrow we move the stuff we could fit in our car and a mini-van.