29 February 2008

Getting Around


Sydney maneuvered herself under the coffee table and played with her blocks and Mama's shoes for a good twenty minutes.


28 February 2008


PAD 2/27/08.1

So, there is a reason that I have all these pictures of Sydney....well, a couple of reasons. The first one is, she's cute and my firstborn. Common first parent flaw, please forgive me. The second is that it's part of my way at improving my talents. I actually try really hard to take at least one photo of something every day. I then post it to my livejournal so others can see them if they choose. Not that many people can see them, I don't let a lot of people know about it. But if you are curious about what other photos I take (and they aren't all Sydney, although a lot are) feel free to check it out.

Fashion Sense


I love the way she accessorizes.

26 February 2008


PAD 2/26/08.1

Sydney's attempt to feed herself.

And that is homemade baby food. I freaking ROCK!


Sydney has discovered that she can see new things out the window and will look outside for quite a while, talking to who knows what.

24 February 2008

A New First.


Sydney's reaction to a Cherrio...not too fond of them, yet.

20 February 2008

Do the Wave

She's just started learning how to wave...and will sometimes do it when we ask her too. It's fun having a baby who will do "tricks" on demand.

Will Blog For...

...someone to do the dishes.
...a hot fudge sundae.
...the new bedroom furniture I fell in love with at IKEA and Pier 1.
...money for all the baby clothes I want to buy Sydney.
...a whole night without being woken up to nurse.
...a full tuition scholarship to Charles' law school of choice.

In Training.

Now that Sydney is mobile and likes to be involved with EVERYTHING I do, I'll set her on the counter and let her "help" me cook. It's actually really fun to see her be so curious in what I'm doing and want to be involved.

"Hmm...I think I know what this is for, Mom."

18 February 2008

Seven Months Old


Check this out

Chelsea hiking Timp

This summer, Chelsea came and stayed with us for two months. While she was here, she went hiking up Mount Timpanogos with the youth in our ward and was one of very few who actually made it to the top. Here are some pictures, courtesy of Josh Beutler, the Young Men's President.

15 February 2008

So this is Love

...when your husband is willing to forgo the antique rifle to get you in iPod with some of your tax return money.

Mine is silver.

12 February 2008


We let Sydney pick out her very first toothbrush last week. She loves to chew on it and sometimes lets us brush her teeth for her.

11 February 2008


With some help from Papa, you can see Sydney's teeth.


09 February 2008

Pushing the Limits

Thankfully, Sydney didn't do this on her own...but she did work her way over to the crib railing and start to try to pull herself up. We just helped her out a bit.

06 February 2008

Tubby Time

*Disclaimer: I know the chair is not meant for the tub...she refuses to take a bath if she isn't sitting up and this was the only option I had at the time...we are in the process of fixing it.*


Just so you don't miss out on anything, I've been slowly adding pictures and video clips from our trip home and posting them by the date they happened. So, you may want to scroll down the page and see if you've missed anything. For example, on December 24th, (well, today) I posted a video of Sydney eating rice cereal for the first time. So, feel free to check them out. And always feel free to comment on anything! We love getting comments!

This picture is of Sydney in her cute poncho from the Snows from their trip to Spain.

05 February 2008

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

We've recently discovered that Sydney loves to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Here she is watching their tribute to President Hinckley last Sunday.

Two's Company

Sydney loves to play with her reflection in the mirror.

03 February 2008


Make that two teeth...


What Sydney did during the Super Bowl.

02 February 2008


On an entirely separate note, Charles is sick. He's had a cough for two weeks now and decided yesterday that things just didn't feel right and that he needed to go to the student health center. Two hours later, we find out he has RSV which has progressed to pneumonia and has doctors orders to stay home until his follow up appointment on Tuesday. Not only that, but he can't be anywhere near Sydney since she is still little and at risk of getting very sick if she catches RSV. This means a long weekend for me, including church by myself (YIKES! We team teach the adult Gospel Doctrine class and I've never done it by myself before).


Sydney has a tooth...well, at least she's getting one. Thursday night, she woke us up in the middle of the night SCREAMING and couldn't be comforted. The next morning, she puts Charles' finger in her mouth and he notices that she has something sharp on her bottom gum. Sure enough, we think her tooth broke through the skin when she woke up screaming. It's not big enough to see yet, but you sure can feel it. She bit my nose today and it hurt!