22 August 2008

Sydney's doings

Some of Sydney's favorite things to do now:

Climb up on mom's kitchen stool.
(She really loves to do it when I am trying to use it)

Climb up on to the dishwasher door.
(She got in trouble with her Papa tonight because she wanted to do this while mom was loading dirty dishes)

Make messes with her food.
(This is tame compared to the inside of her high chair)

Picture post--some of my favorites from Elisha's wedding






Walking Along.

Sydney took her first real steps on Monday. (yeah, I'm a bit slow in posting this, we've had family staying in our apartment for two weeks now...be patient with me) She had been cruising around the couch and when I looked up to check on her she was actually walking on her own down the hallway. I would have gotten a picture or a video, but she heard the chair creak and sat down. Now, she still much prefers to crawl or have help walking, but she can take about five steps at a time before she falls or sits down.

12 August 2008

Three years

Today is our third anniversary. It's kind of funny to me that it seems like it was forever ago, and at the same time it's not been that long since we got married. Anyway, we didn't do anything too special today. We did go to the Provo Temple and do a sealing session. That was pretty neat. We did one of Charles' family file names and then some names the temple had on hand. The sealer was the coolest man who was from Holland and had lived all over Europe and in South Africa and the United States and he just breezed through all the Dutch, German and French names that our group did. And after the session, we went to Sub Zero (they've opened one here in Provo, which is pretty neat) for some ice cream. It was a nice and simple anniversary, although Charles wants to go out to dinner later this weekend since we didn't have time today.

11 August 2008

Lessons I learned this weekend

  • Sydney gets very jealous when I pay attention to any other kids now. (Charles says that this means we need to have another baby now...he's been outvoted.)
  • Sydney cannot fall asleep on her own without her blanket and her own bed. (we are currently in the market for a playpen now)
  • Novelty dates (such as 8/8/08) are very popular days to get married...so sealings run very late. (There were 45 sealings in Manti and it is rumored that there were over 200 in Salt Lake City...Yikes!)
  • Having your wedding and reception in two different towns almost two hours away from each other makes a long day twice as long.
  • Being a wedding planner is not a relaxing career.
  • Nobody really believes you when you say "take as much cake as you want".

Elisha's wedding was very nice. She and Greg looked amazing and there are at least a few usable pictures that they should like. I wanted to take more than I did, but with so many weddings, we had to wait forever just to take group and family pictures and by the time that was done, we were all hot and just ready to be done. And, thankfully, between their sealing and their reception there was a huge thunderstorm (really huge...we had to pull of the highway for a few minutes because we couldn't see the road) that cooled the day off and made it the perfect temperature for her outdoor reception.

04 August 2008

Wedding prep

This week is Charles' sister's wedding. So, all of his family is either here or coming in the next few days. We will be quite busy with temple sessions, bridal pictures, trips to Mapleton and Manti, a sealing, wedding pictures, and other such events, not to mention just trying to get everything else done. But, I promise you will get to see all the pictures I take for the wedding...eventually.

Called to Serve

Sunday, Charles and I were released from our calling as Sunday School teachers at the last minute before sacrament meeting started. Apparently, you can't be Elder's Quorum president and teach Sunday School at the same time. Go figure. So, while Charles is dutifully serving the Lord, I am quite free from obligations...at least until we get a call from the bishopric here in a few weeks. (they claim that there is something in the works...that phrase frightens me a bit.)