26 March 2009


I have a bone to pick with you, Wyoming. Why, oh why, did it have to snow THIS weekend? I guess that is a complaint for Mother Nature, but still. Why did you have to have blowing snow and icy conditions which cause Interstate 80 to be closed from Rock Springs to Rawlins? Which means that instead of almost to Cheyenne, we are now languishing in a La Quinta with a 20-month old. And, instead of making it to Bellevue late tonight, we will probably still be here, in Rock Springs, trying to get that same toddler to sleep in a hotel. And miss the Admitted Students day at UNL. So, I would be really appreciative if you could just open up your interstates and stop snowing and just let us get out of here. And, it would be nice if you stopped the snow until we made it safely back to Utah. Just saying.

22 March 2009

Big Girl

Picture 695
She put her shoes on all by herself. It makes me proud and sad all at the same time.

Afternoon at the Park

It was a picnic, but I forgot to take pictures of us eating the picnic.

Picture 598

Picture 633

Picture 636

Picture 641

Picture 647

Picture 677

Picture 683

Picture 686

20 March 2009

Phair Force Photo Shoot

Picture 398

Aren't these some of the cutest kids you've ever seen? I love that even Nora was smiling in her sleep for that picture.

Picture 400

Picture 422

Picture 452

Picture 512

Picture 546

This was the best shot I could get with both of Nora's eyes open. Most of the pictures I have of her are either sleeping or looking like this...

Picture 527

19 March 2009

New Camera

Picture 384

So, I haven't made a big deal about it, but for a very early Mother's Day present Charles got me a new camera (okay, he told me to buy the one I wanted). And, I absolutely love it! I'm slowly learning how to use it, but I do have to say that this lens has helped a lot. I'm excited for the new great pictures I get to take. Maybe, someday, I'll almost be as good as Charles' cousin, Rachael.

16 March 2009


Picture 263

Hugging the bunny her great-grandparents got her.

Picture 273

Apparently, ears are great for dancing!

15 March 2009


Picture 258

My Crawford grandparents came out to Utah for a week to see the Church sites and take a small vacation. We went up to their hotel so Sydney could meet her great-grandparents.

Picture 257

Sydney, Trevor, and Julie were all wearing bright yellow.

14 March 2009

Thank you Uncle Trevor

Picture 203

This is how Sydney reacts when you ask her to smile.

13 March 2009


Charles has been accepted to the law school here!