26 April 2011

Temple Square

We stopped by Temple Square before we left Utah.



Sadly, it snowed off and on, so we didn't get to spend a lot of time outside this time.


25 April 2011


We went to BYU today to visit our alma matter.


The Y and the Wilk. Note the clouds.


The Harold B. Lee Library, where it is now sunny.


Inside the Joseph Fielding Smith Building


Creamery ice cream.

24 April 2011

Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny found us even though we were in Utah.



After church, we went over to our "Phair friends" (that is what Sydney calls them..."remember my Phair friends?") and did a little egg hunt and ate lunch with them.








Not pictured is Karen and I CREAMING Charles and Jaime at every game we played...just like always! ;)

22 April 2011

Brooke's Wedding

We flew out to Utah for Charles' cousin/my room mate's wedding. It was so nice to go see Brooke get married and spend a little time with my old room mates.


Waiting for Brooke and Jon to come out of the temple.


Sydney and Bradley



With Isaac and Aiden


There they are!




Sydney was so excited for this wedding, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't remember who Brooke was.  She kept asking where the Bride was and wanting to go talk to her, no matter how busy the Bride was.


Danielle helping Brooke with her dress.


Our traditional picture...Becca, I need a copy of your up close one.


This is one of my favorites.



We have a picture of the two of them like this from our wedding.


Sydney and Dawna dancing.



Congratulations, Brooke and Jon.  We love you!

21 April 2011

Eggs at Grandma's House

Since we were going to be in Utah for Easter, we did a quick egg coloring and hiding the night before we flew out.










17 April 2011

Primary Today

Sydney did a great job on her talk today.  Not only that, but she got to be the spotlight...which was a surprise to Mommy and Papa, because she told her teachers that her favorite food is scrambled eggs and not tacos.

Not only that, but she has been giving us a rundown of what they learned in Primary today.  They learned the scripture for the "mumps" and the song for the "mumps."  And in her "small class" she learned that Adam and Eve ate the fruit from up there and then they were sad.  Charles asked her if they got kicked out of the garden and Sydney said yes, because all the creatures weren't kind.

The Things Kids Pick Up

It is always amazing the things Sydney picks up. She is only 3 1/2 and this week in primary she is supposed to give a talk. She loves giving talks and once in Kansas she decided to bear he testimony in sacrament meeting. Valerie was working with her on her talk and was asking her some questions.

Here are her questions and Sydney's answers.

1. What do you think about when you think about Jesus?
A. I love him. And when I think about Jesus, I, when I was born I used to live with him. When I was born I used to love him. I think about Jesus when I am sleeping. And I think about Him when I am dreaming.

2. What do you think Jesus thinks about you?
A. I think he loves me so much. When I used to be born, I used to go and walk with Him. When Heavenly Father sings my name and I love to see Jesus in the Temple.

3. Do you know what the word Atonement means?
A. Atonement means when you do bad things and you didn't mean to, Jesus atones for our sins. (Ok so that is not a good definition of sin, but since she can't sin yet I feel it is close enough)

4. Why did he atone for our sins?
A. Because he loves us so much.

5. Why else?
A. And I do something right. And I do something that Jesus tells me to do. And, like, I make my bed. Making your bed means putting your blankets on right, not throwing them on.

6. What does obedience mean?
A. Obedience means that you need to do the right things, when Nephi does something right, and when you do something that you want to do when your mother says so, and you do something right that you want to do.

7. What is a law?
A. A law is something you study. (This answer may have something to do with Papa being in Law School for the last two years.)

06 April 2011

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey


Sydney and I made lemon bars today...with fresh squeezed lemon juice and everything.  I don't have a picture of the finished product, but suffice it to say that they are so good that I have had three already and can already see that I will need to send these off to new homes so I we don't eat them all.  Any takers?


05 April 2011

Bike Ride


The weather was really nice today, so we went out for a family walk/bike ride.  Sydney impressed us by riding her bike all the way to the park and back without having to stop or be carried.


Knows What She Wants


To continue our daughter's obsession with things from the eighties, we bought her some jelly shoes.  If you can believe this, she has actually been asking for some since LAST spring, when one of her little friends was wearing some and she wanted them too.  Once they came out this year, she hasn't stopped asking for them.  Now, she calls them her "Cinderella shoes".


03 April 2011

Conference Treats


To help Sydney have more motivation to listen to the speakers for General Conference, I totally bribed her...well, kinda.  Every time a speaker said one of the above pictured words, she got to eat the corresponding treat in the jar.  It worked pretty well for her...as well as my 14 year old sister.


It was nice for me to be able to listen better to Conference.  Plus, Sydney hopefully got a little bit out of it...even if it was just candy and snacks.

*Idea from here.*

Car Crash 3/31

So here are some pictures of the damage to our car from last Thursday. Valerie was in a left turn lane and the driver in front with a F350 Heavy Duty Ford Pick Up decided he didn't want to turn left any more. Probably will need to replace the fender, hood, light assembly, lights, hood catch, and there is something damaged under the hood because it was leaking oil of some kind, may transmission fluid. Anyhow, I imagine it will be rule a total loss.