22 January 2010

Welcome to 2010

So, I'm a bit behind...we were visiting family and then we got back and have been sick ever since. Let me tell you, two and a half weeks of bronchitis is not fun. Hopefully we'll all be better soon. I am working on going through pictures from Christmas and such and you can expect a bunch of backdating soon.

I do have one quick cute Sydney story. We've been reading scriptures as a family recently and Sydney loves it. She loves to read with us especially. So today we gave her her own Book of Mormon to save my scriptures from her loving hands to use. She loves it! And hopefully, she'll love them even more when she sees how I covered it for her to make it more "Sydney Friendly"! I'll post a picture later, but I got the idea from here. Anyway, she has been walking around all day reading them and "helping" us read them too. Usually, the verses are "It came to pass...that he said...that Jesus told his disciples..." or something like that, but it's cute!