26 April 2008

Tulip Festival


While Charles' parents were here, we all took a trip up to Thanksgiving Point to see the tulip festival. They have these MASSIVE gardens there and in the spring, thousands of tulips bloom and it is absolutely gorgeous to see.

Tulips at Thanksgiving Point

25 April 2008

New Beginnings


I would just like to say how proud I am of Charles and his scholastic accomplishments today as he received his "diploma" (real one to come in six weeks or so) and is getting ready to move on to new things.

21 April 2008

Guilty Conscience

So, tonight as I was making dinner, Sydney was DYING to be held. I mean, screaming at the top of her lungs for me to pick her up. As soon as I could, I did but I was still stirring dinner on the stove to keep it from burning. Being the curious baby she is, Sydney tried to touch the skillet I was using and to prevent her from being burned, I swatted her hand away. Not hard, just enough to get the point across that she could not touch the pan. But, she started screaming twice as hard as she had been previously and I've spent the rest of the evening just feeling horribly guilty. I know that she's fine and she calmed down as soon as I sat down and nursed her...but I still feel just awful for it.

12 April 2008

Go Blue! Go White!


Being the BYU Football fan he is, Charles was so excited to actually be able to go to the Blue and White Spring Scrimmage this year and see how the team is shaping up for next year.


Charles watching the game...Sydney was more interested in the kids running around on the stadium stairs.

Senior Celebration.


Since Charles is graduating soon, Charles and I were able to attend the Senior Celebration. It was nice to go on a free date and enjoy campus. Charles' favorite part...winning a BYU Football t-shirt and hat.

09 April 2008


PAD 4/4/2008

I've done some updating, so be sure to scroll down a bit for some new pictures and a video.

07 April 2008



While we were eating breakfast today, this is what we saw out our window.

A blog of words...

I think that Sydney have made some serious breakthroughs this weekend. First, she is 'kinda' saying Mama. It is pretty exciting. It seems really clear, to me at least. Second, we walked into her room on Saturday morning and she had pulled herself up on her crib and was standing; which means I need to change the height on the crib. Currently if she stands she can easily fall out. Now there are some definite things that haven't changed. She is enthralled with all structures wooden, including the head board of our bed, the church pew, and last night she was even sucking on the table about my niece's birthday party. She is still crawling and still pulling herself up on things. One of my favorite experiences so far came the other Sunday when she tried to pull herself up to standing position using the hymn book rack on the pew in front of us. Her shoes were so slick that her legs slid under the pew in front of us. Thankfully her arms are strong enough that she didn't fall, but hung from the hymn book rack like she was doing a pull up!

05 April 2008

Conference Breakfast

PAD 4/5/2008

We have a family tradition that we have breakfast in Mom and Dad's (mine and Charles') bed for the Saturday Morning session of conference. Here is a picture of Sydney enjoying her breakfast of a waffle. (Usually it's a nice fancy breakfast, but we had been up since six trying to entertain her and we were both exhausted.)

04 April 2008

Too Cute!

We recently introduced Sydney to the swings at the park and she LOVES them. She just sits and laughs while she is swinging and it is so cute.

She's actually started to laugh a whole lot more now, which makes playing twice as fun because we love to make her laugh.

**You have to listen very carefully, especially since you can hear the kid swinging next to Sydney laughing as well.**