22 July 2009

Behind Again

I feel as though I'm constantly behind on this thing. I really do try to keep up, but these last few months have been rather busy with getting ready to move, family visits, trips out of town and birthdays. But, I'm happy to say that we do have an apartment lined up to move into and we know what ward we will be attending when we get to Lincoln.

I'm hoping to get the rest of our backdating done in the next few days, but I won't make any promises. If nothing else, you'll hear again from us here when we make it to Lincoln and hopefully before we come back to Utah for Trevor's wedding.

18 July 2009

Two Years Old

Picture 3650

This is our big two year old. She had an excellent birthday, despite getting over being sick.

Picture 3652

Here she is with her "friends" showing how much she has grown since she was born.

one week old

Anyway, she had a great little birthday party with her aunts and uncles. We had cheeseburgers and pink cake (which is what she wanted..."pink" was her answer when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted or if she wanted cupcakes or a big cake.) and pink juice.

Picture 3660

She opened presents and was excited for each one. She wanted to play with all the toys immediately, especially the "chalkit" and bubbles she got.

Picture 3667
Picture 3681
Picture 3685
Picture 3696

And she loved being sung too. She blew out the candles on her cake and then asked for more singing.

Picture 3697
Picture 3699
Picture 3700

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

Picture 3707

Picture 3709

17 July 2009

Kansas Cousins

Sydney got to spend some time after the Eddington family reunion with her cousins that live in Kansas.

Picture 3624

Sydney and Kaytie loved playing with each other. It was really great to watch them play together.

Picture 3626

Picture 3631

Picture 3643

Picture 3647

These four are Melissa's kids. It was a little crazy with six kids running around our apartment at times, but it was tons of fun having them here, even if we got them sick.

16 July 2009

Bear Lake--picture heavy

Picture 3577

We went up to Bear Lake, Utah for the Eddington Biannual family reunion. Sydney and I had never been to Bear Lake before and even Charles was able to fully enjoy this trip up there, since the last time the reunion was at Bear Lake was just before we got married and I've heard that he was a little preoccupied.

Picture 3471

I loved how blue the water is. And how shallow the lake is. You can walk quite a ways out and still stand with your head above water.

We had a great time canoeing and playing in the lake, not to mention playing games and catching up with all the various Eddingtons in attendance.

Picture 3474
Picture 3475
Picture 3479
Picture 3492
Picture 3521
Picture 3527
Picture 3567
Picture 3588
Picture 3598
Picture 3602
Picture 3604

Make all the boy moose go Whuah!

Picture 3465

On our way up to Bear Lake going through Logan Canyon, we came around a corner and saw a Mommy and a baby moose. Exciting to see, but glad to see them heading back up the mountain and not the front of our car.

05 July 2009

Fourth of July

Provo's Fourth of July Parade.
Picture 3276

I took tons of pictures of floats and marching bands, but I have no desire to weed through them at this time to post them...maybe later. I did get this awesome picture of Presidents Samuelson and Holland as they went through the parade in the rain (which stopped soon afterward).

Picture 3257

The rest of the day was spent with family, whether at our apartment, at the park or in the parking lot across the street from the Stadium of Fire.

Picture 3395

Picture 3410

Picture 3425

Picture 3429

Picture 3446

Picture 3431

Picture 3434