30 September 2009

Couches are good for chilling.

Picture 4367
We finally got a couch in our new apartment. Guess I gotta get a virtual tour set up.

27 September 2009

Anything you can do

Picture 4364

Picture 4365

Sydney and Damon playing.

24 September 2009

Morrill Hall

Picture 4355

What are they so excited about? This was their first visit to Morrill Hall...also known as the elephant museum. This museum has several mammoth skeletons and other fossils and is a favorite of all Eastern Nebraska school children.

Picture 4358

Picture 4360

We actually went to go watch a show at the planetarium. The best part of the show...Sydney shouting out "THE END" as the title flashed on the screen five minutes into the show. The whole crowd laughed.

22 September 2009

Tasting a Lemon

Picture 4350
Hmmm...this could be good.

Picture 4353
Oh wait, never mind.

19 September 2009

Family Day at Law School

Every year the law school has a meet the families day. We get to meet some of the other law students' families and also meet some of the deans of the school.

Picture 4342
Fishing for prizes.

Picture 4344
A pink cow! She really enjoys that cow.

Picture 4347
Goody walk. She won a bag of gummy worms that mommy and papa greatly enjoyed. ;)a

18 September 2009

Going to the Zoo--Picture Heavy

We went to the zoo with Grandma and Talia. We had express orders to see two things: giraffes and elephants. So, we saw them and a few things in between and then ended our visit at the aquarium.

Picture 4199

Picture 4211

Penguins by the giraffes.

Picture 4214

Picture 4233

Picture 4234

Picture 4243

Picture 4244

Picture 4255

Picture 4258

The zoo opened what they call Skyfari. Talia was chomping at the bit to ride it.

Picture 4261

Picture 4267

This is a baby penguin. Huge, huh?

Picture 4270

Picture 4285

Picture 4313

17 September 2009

Playing at the Park

One of the nice things about Lincoln is the MANY parks the city has. Seriously, we've been to several ward activities and have yet to go to the same park. We have fun going in the afternoons when Charles is done with his classes and homework.

Picture 4180

Picture 4195

16 September 2009

Night In

Picture 4174

Papa's BYU hat, t-shirt, and cow undies.

Picture 4178

It doesn't get much better than this.


Picture 4141
How do I use these things, Dad?

Picture 4142
I get the food on them, somehow.

Picture 4143
Maybe like this?

Picture 4144
That seems to work...

Picture 4146
...with a little bit of help.

Picture 4147
Try this one more time...

Picture 4148Picture 4149Picture 4150Picture 4151

Picture 4152
Little more help...

Picture 4154
...into the mouth...

Picture 4155
...and I did it!

11 September 2009

Hide in Cave?

Picture 4132

Anywhere can be a cave to a two year old. It's her favorite pastime.

Fruits of her Labor

My parents have a tomato and pepper garden growing in their front yard. Sydney thinks it is awesome to go out with Tata and pick the produce.

Picture 4119

Picture 4122

Picture 4124

Picture 4125

Picture 4126

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of all the unripe ones she picked. Oh well.

10 September 2009

Sunken Gardens

We went and visited the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln. It was pretty neat, especially since you are below the level of the street and so you hear cars passing by and the sound is over your head.

Picture 4070
If I were cooler, I would have done this one in HDR, alas, I am not cool (nor do I think I have the software.

Picture 4058

Picture 4080

Picture 4094

Picture 4101

Picture 4109

Picture 4117