25 July 2008

Milestones and Stats

So, I realized that I never blogged about some of Sydney's recent milestones.

Sydney now has four teeth coming in...all on the top gum. They all broke within a couple days of each other and for now she has a stepping stone kind of look to her top gum. It's really cute, but I'm not too excited about her using them on us.

With Sydney turning a year old, her doctor gave us the go ahead to give her whole milk. Charles was pretty excited about this until I told him that in no uncertain terms was he to drink the whole milk. Sydney seems to like it, but she much prefers it warm than right out of the refrigerator cold.

Sydney has been saying "hi" for a few months now. She says it all the time, especially when she is around people. However, she won't preform on cue. Usually, if we tell her to say hi, she does so...about ten seconds after the person we want her to say hi to has left. She has also started saying and understanding the word "no". She now says no right back to us when we tell her no...like the other day when she kept pulling her shirt up in Ross and I would put it down and say no, she would pull it right back up and say no right back.

Sydney can walk when she is holding our hands or pushing anything: shopping carts, strollers, her push toy. And yesterday she took three steps between chairs, but only when she thought no one was watching. She doesn't even think she can stand on her own. If you distract her enough, she will stand on her own...but as soon as she realizes that she is standing without support, she sits right down.

At her one year well baby check up, Sydney weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz and is now 27 inches tall. She has gained nine pounds and grown nine inches since she was born. She's super tiny, most people who don't know how old she is guess that she is about eight months old. Plus, since she isn't over twenty two (maybe just twenty) pounds, she has to say in a rear-facing car seat for a few more months.

Random pictures accruing in my Flickr account.


"This is the best way to ride in a shopping cart."


"This is a bagel, you say?"


"This walking thing is so overrated."

19 July 2008

One Year Old!...continued


Here is our "big" one year old! At her one year well baby check up, she weighed 16 lbs and 8 oz and is 27 inches tall. She has gained 9 lbs and grown 9 inches since she was born.


Being sung to on the phone. She would kick her legs and move her head to the beat while she was being sung to. It was adorable!


Testing out her cake...


...it must be good....


...and this was her reaction when we told her she was done. All she really did was run her fingers through the frosting and smear it all over her face.


Happy Birthday, Sydney Renee!

18 July 2008

One Year Old

Pictures are coming, but just a little FYI, today is Sydney's First Brithday!

03 July 2008

Flying in an Airplane

Sydney, Chelsea and I left Utah today and flew out to Nebraska. Sydney was so good on the plane. She only cried when she was getting tired and then I nursed her and she went to sleep. That's really about all we did today...travel.


01 July 2008

One year older


I'm twenty four today. It's been a pretty nice birthday, especially compared to last year when I was huge and uncomfortable and pretty depressed about having our camera stolen. We went to Ikea this morning and Charles bought me my birthday present from him and Sydney...two new nightstands for our room and some serving dishes. And then this evening, he threw me a little party with some of our friends: the Phairs, the Wiggintons, and the Boyces. And...he got me a Coldstone ice cream cake to top it all off.
**For Olympus...there are links for all of the gifts, so you can see them. Been there the whole time.**