21 October 2018

I know it has been a long time since we updated. But I wanted to record something. Today Crawford tried to give a chest bump but face planted in my stomach and nearly knocked himself over. When Valerie told he couldn't do chest bumps until he was taller, he instead slapped me on the butt for a good well done.

19 October 2013

Picking out Pumpkins, 2013 edition








Pumpkin Run 2013

So, even though we were all cold and wet after the Mayor's Run, Sydney was dying to do the Pumpkin Run this year as well. Since it had been nice and warm for most of the beginning of October, we figured it would be okay. Of course, the days leading up to the run have been cold and windy, but we didn't let that stop us. And by us, I mean Charles and Sydney. I took pictures and stayed with Crawford in the cold.

Off they go!!

Waiting for them to cross the finish line.

Here they come!

Not bad, Sydney! Almost a minute faster than in May!

Sydney says that the best part was getting Gatorade and a candy bar after the run was over.

18 October 2013

Alright, so it can be hard to get back on track. We have missed a few things the last two months so a little catch up. First, Crawford turned 1! Crazy right.
He received this absolutely fabulous red tricycle, which is most used for storing items in the secret trunk; the toys coolest feature. Of course, now that Crawford is 1 we are no longer allowed to feed him, he must do it himself. Thankfully, he is pretty decent at it for a little guy. He even keeps his pinky up, generally.
Then both of our children had to grow. We have specifically told them not, but they refuse to listen. Growing children means new car seats. We let Sydney help pick hers out. It seemed only fair since the law requires she use a booster until she is 4' 9" and that will likely not happen for her until high school.
While the kids are changing, Valerie are staying our gorgeous selves.
All in all we are a pretty happy family.

25 July 2013

Sadly, Walrus left us last night. We had a ceremonial flushing, and are now down one fish.

19 July 2013

Sydney's 6th Birthday

Today was Sydney's 6th birthday! It makes me feel old just thinking about it. Anyhow, for her birthday Sydney received her first pets; two glofish. She has named the pink one Pinkie (or Pinky the spelling is still being debated) and the purple one Walrus.

23 May 2013

Last Day of Kindergarten

Wow, is has been an entire school year!  Look at the difference between one school year makes.

10 May 2013

Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration Campout

For the past few years, Charles and Sydney have gone to the Aaronic Priesthood Campout for at least the evening.  This year, they actually spent the night. Sydney was so excited and happy to be going. And Crawford and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home.


07 May 2013

06 May 2013

Mayor's Run

A couple of weeks ago Sydney came to us and excitedly declared that she wanted to participate in the Mayor's Run. The Mayor's Run is an event in Lincoln where grade school children run a one mile course around the state capital. A random drawing is held with prizes, and all the kid gets a t-shirt, water bottle, and Gatorade. Parents are also encouraged to run with their children for the event.

On the 70 degree day that Sydney approached us with this opportunity it sounded like a great idea. On Saturday when we showed up at the event it was 37 degrees and raining. I ran with Sydney who recorded a 13:50 mile. I could walk and keep pace with her, but she informed me that we were supposed to run, so I was required to take very short running steps. After completion of the event my pedometer registered 5,000 something steps. I am proud that Sydney followed through and we had a great time.

After the excitement was all over we went to the Egg 'n I for a little breakfast.

It was a pretty good morning.

03 May 2013

Yeah, I would say they are siblings.

Tata Juan

Valerie's Tata Juan passed away a couple of weeks ago. We are very grateful that Valerie and the kids could hitch a ride to Utah in February so that they could meet him; especially since we were unable to attend the funeral in Tucson, AZ. I remember the first time I met him the day before Valerie and I were married. He came up to me and said, "Juan Duran, at your service." A wonderful grandfather.

02 May 2013

Whoa What a Year!

Well, we are hoping you were all able to follow us through various social media outlets this past year because we have been SO busy. From late May through July I studied for the Nebraska BAR Exam while we ferociously search for a new home in Lincoln and wrestled the process that is consolidating student loans and securing a mortgage. Given my background, I was very picky with homes. I took the BAR in July, and thankfully passed it. Worst test ever. Finally, we were able to find and secure a wonderful place in the area of town we wanted. However, we were not able to move in until after our awesome baby boy was born on September 5, 2012.


Of course like all blessings Crawford did not come stress free. He was unresponsive when born and required a quick resuscitation before making his way fully into the world. On the second night in the hospital, just before we were planning to leave for home, we sent him to the nursery so we could get our last night of sleep. We were awoken by a nurse in the middle of the night instructing us that Crawford had turned stopped breathing and turned blue and had been sent to the NICU. We were distraught and called the bishop who graciously met us at the hospital in the middle of the night. Crawford was blessed that he would fully recover and that he would have no lasting harmful effects. This kicked off a two week marathon in the NICU, with Valerie sleeping there at night (I stayed as well the first few nights), and me driving back and forth from Bellevue to Lincoln daily (we delivered in Lincoln because we trusted the doctor but we hadn't closed on the house so we were still bunking it in Bellevue). A couple of times Valerie's parents drove Sydney down to see the little guy with all his tubes.

 It was hard to see our little boy with monitors attached to every limb, and it was difficult to watch his oxygen levels move throughout the day. The entire time we were in the NICU our wonderful friends from the Trendwood Ward brought us meals and made sure Valerie stayed sane. Poor Sydney had started Kindergarten in Bellevue (how did she get that old) and each day I would drop her off at the school, go to Lincoln, and then return home in the evening so that I could spend time with her.


We were able to bring him, his oxygen, and a breathing monitor home just prior to my official swearing in ceremony. I was made an official license attorney and then two weeks later we moved into our home in Lincoln. It wasn't until mid October that Crawford came off the oxygen, and not until November that he was able to lose the monitor.


Sydney meanwhile transitioned beautifully from her school in Bellevue to the new school in Lincoln, and she loves her class and teacher. We are just getting warmed up and trying to learn the ropes of this whole parental school involvement. Sydney has taken to school like a fish to water. We are especially excited with her reading level and art. She can now read the scriptures with very little help and then only on the big words. We are very impressed with her learning! She is so big; which is terrible since I have heard Valerie tell her several times to stop growing. We have even tried to outlaw birthdays, but it looks like no matter what we decree she will just continue to grow.


Not to be outdone, Crawford is sprouting like a weed; a really short plump weed that developers motor skills much more quickly than he ought to. I am sure we will back date some stuff, but hopefully that gives everyone a little picture of what we have been up to lately.

21 June 2012

College World Series--University of Arizona vs. FSU

When the University of Arizona made it to the College World Series, my dad really wanted to go. So we went with him to see the Wildcats play against Florida State University.



Outside the TD Ameritrade Stadium


Sydney was so excited to go to the game...and even more excited to get picked up early from school and have her name called over the p.a. system at school.


Waiting to catch a ball




After about 5 innings, I had to sit in the shade. So we found some empty seats and enjoyed the rest of the game


Some guy gave her that balloon...totally made her day.




19 June 2012

Park Outing

We went out to the park for some family time. Sydney has learned swing by herself in the past year, so swinging is one of her favorite activities.



These are her sport shoes, which she wears to run faster.



Doing the monkey bars with help.