21 April 2012


Well it is now nearly the end of April.  How can we summarize the last few months?  In late December we learned that Valerie is pregnant; which was really exciting and nerve wracking.  We held off telling most people since we were concerned about telling people too soon and having something happen.  By February we couldn't really keep it from anyone who lives nearby because Valerie was pretty sick.  That month is kinda  a blur, hence no posts.  Finally March came around and we were prepared for a little bit of a reprieve, which did finally come, but not until half way through the month.  Thankfully Valerie was starting to feel quite a bit better and has since settled into a routine of only throwing up once a morning, every morning, just after she wakes up.  The second half of March was spent filling out Bar Application, at least that is how I spent it; not sure what the rest of the family did.  At the end of March, I turned in my Bar Application.  Then April set in, and the pace of finishing law school, looking for a place to move, and prepping for a new baby just hasn't let up.  However, this week we did get some great news.

So this is the profile of our next one; which is a BOY!  I considered posting undeniable ultrasound evidence of gender, especially since he would not cooperate for a good frontal facial shot but had no qualms with flashing the world.  However, I didn't want to be that Father.

Valerie had a very creative idea for telling Sydney she had a little brother, and, truth be told, she was a little worried Sydney would be disappointed that it wasn't a little sister.  Last week Sydney came up to Valerie and said, "Mommy, what we need to do is go buy a pair of baby shoes, boy shoes and girl shoes and then we will know if it is a boy baby or a girl baby."  So I don't follow the logic, but it made sense to her.  So after we left the doctor's office we stopped by Target, Valerie wrapped up the purchase in a box and we gave it to Sydney.

So yeah we are not going to name the little guy Woody.  Sydney was also really excited about a particular ultrasound picture:

The caption is what excited Sydney, "Wow, it's like he can talk big people!  How did he do that?"  It took a little bit to explain about digital editing of photos.

Anyhow here are a couple of other photos Valerie took to commemorate the occasion.

It has been an exciting month so far, and now I am off to study for what will hopefully be my last final ever!

09 April 2012

Picnic and Fishing

We've had an abnormally warm spring this year, so for Family Home Evening we had a quick picnic and went fishing.  It was a little windy down by the lake and my allergies have been rather brutal this year, so we weren't out as long as Charles would have liked, but we had fun being out together as a family.


07 April 2012

Egg Hunts

We always do Easter Baskets and egg hunts on the Saturday before Easter, but this was the first year that we failed to hide the eggs before Sydney woke up.  Thankfully, she was willing to snuggle with me while Charles rushed and hid the eggs and she was none the wiser.


Checking out her basket


Finding eggs


Later that morning, we went to a neighborhood egg hunt. Sydney had fun and found a few eggs.  She was most excited to see her friends and meet the Easter Bunny.





05 April 2012

Just Dance

We babysat for our neighbors and Sydney and Lincoln had a blast playing Just Dance Kids 2. 





Jerusalem Dinner

For Easter this year, Charles and I wanted to focus a lot more on the life of Christ and what we thinks is the most important part of Easter. So, we took some time to talk about the things that happened in the last week of Christ's life leading up to his Crucifixion and Resurrection.  One of the things we did was have a Jerusalem dinner.  It's not completely authentic (some of us were having a hard time eating much of anything normal) and we didn't focus much on the passover this time, but it was fun to eat on the floor and talk about what Christ might have eaten and discuss the Last Supper and introduce Sydney to some new foods.