29 March 2008

Bean Museum


Kaitlin, Elise, Nadia, Cameron and Sydney outside the Bean Museum. (not pictured: Sonata)

Sydney and I took a trip to the Bean Museum with Karen Phair and Nicole Griffin and all their kids on Saturday. It was CRAZY there since it was their big thirtieth anniversary celebration. We all had fun looking at all the animals and eating the birthday cake the museum provided. Below is a collage of some of the pictures I took.


25 March 2008

Sitting Pretty


This is one of my favorites of Sydney in her Easter dress.

23 March 2008

Bubble, Bubble


Trying to eat the bubbles.

Charles took this one...if I set the camera up right, he can take some pretty great pictures. I'm so proud.

Happy Easter!


22 March 2008

Easter Saturday


In our house, the Easter bunny comes on Saturday instead of Sunday so we can focus on the Savior and the real reason for Easter on Easter. So Saturday, we got to enjoy our Easter basket (the Easter Bunny forgot that we didn't each have our own basket...but likes the idea of just one family basket, so that may be permanent.).


Charles loved the missile launchers he got and says that he can totally take Talia now with these compared to the guns they got at Christmas.


Sydney celebrated Easter by pulling herself up on the coffee table all by herself so she could better attempt to get at the chocolate the Easter Bunny left...

19 March 2008


Here is a video showing how well Sydney is getting this crawling thing down.

17 March 2008

Mischievous Little Leprechaun

Saint Patrick's Day

Just some of Sydney's adventures while we were playing today.


Self feeding

We've been trying to get her to feed herself something, to no avail...she would put everything BUT food in her mouth. Today, I tried giving her some zwieback toast and she actually fed it to herself. It was especially cool since I can remember Talia enjoying this when she was a baby too.

16 March 2008

Day in the Chamberlin Life.

If you are curious what a day in our life might be like, I posted an entry about it here. I had TONS of problems in posting it, so it's not the best quality, but it's kinda fun and I'm slightly proud of it.

15 March 2008



This one is for Tata Duran.

13 March 2008

Happy Girl.

PAD 3/13/08

I love this picture. She usually is this happy all the time, especially when she first wakes up in the morning (after nursing) and when she is playing with her Papa.

10 March 2008


PAD 3/10/08

She LOVES bubbles, whether it's a bubble bath or Mama blowing bubbles for her.

Perched and Baby Legs


I love her leg warmers. They are called Baby Legs and are AMAZING! A definite must once she learned to crawl. They cover and protect her whole leg.

And this is where she is sitting...Charles put her there.

Where she really is

07 March 2008

Going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo.

We took Sydney to the zoo for the first time. She LOVED it! She loved looking in the different windows and then really loved seeing the animals moving and playing. One of the most fun animals to watch was the leopard seen in the video below. He had been asleep, but when he saw that he had an audience, he kept pacing back and forth. It was quite a fun trip and I'm excited to take her to the Henry Doorly Zoo this summer when Trevor gets home!

05 March 2008



Sydney loves to "help" us when we are working on the computer.


Warming Up

PAD 2/28/08.2

Going on a walk with Mama.

02 March 2008



Don't take away her avocado. She loves it!

01 March 2008

Happy Birthday, Kaitlin!

We went to our friend, Kaitlin's second birthday party. Here are some pictures from it.