12 December 2009

Family Movie Night...Chamberlin Style


THIS is how you do movie night...Root Beer in fancy glasses (thank you Brooke!)...


...M&M's (ABC's to Sydney) in the popcorn...


...and Mommy and Papa's bed in the living room! Lots of space to lounge and lay out!

Budding Artist


Sydney enjoys coloring. She colors about once a day, at least. Today, she drew some lovely pictures.


She did this one first. Note the use of colors and the upside down happy face halfway up the page.


This is one of my favorites. Not sure what it is? Let me explain a little.

Sydney's Family Portrait

Notice the eyebrows on a few of them? She's obsessed with eyebrows recently. Don't ask me why.


And here she is coloring on her fingernails. Good thing we use washable markers. Although, she had marker smudges on her face when my visiting teachers came over today. They looked like bruises. Go me.

11 December 2009

Ward Christmas Party


I was asked to sing "O Holy Night." Charles insists we don't have enough pictures of me, so he made sure to take some of me singing.


Sydney didn't want anything to do with Santa...until she saw that Santa was giving out candy. Then, she marched right up to him and got her candy cane, thanked him and went to walk away. We had to beg her to stand by him to get a picture of their faces.


And we were very excited that my mom and Talia came up for the two hours to hear me sing. I should have taken a picture of them there, but I forgot. Oh well.

10 December 2009

What a Great Papa We Have!



Digging our car out of the snow so we could get out of the house for thirty minutes!

09 December 2009

Why Charles had no school for two days

The view out our living room window.

Our car


Sydney was very concerned for the squirrels. She kept calling them to come inside our apartment.

08 December 2009


Excuse the messy apartment and blurry images, but here are some pictures of Sydney and Damon dancing at our house.






07 December 2009

Oh, the weather outside is (going to be) frightful...

We are getting ready for our first Nebraska winter storm (not my first one, but still). It's predicted we will get up to twelve inches of snow tomorrow, not including the three inches we got on Sunday and the one to two inches we got tonight. Schools across the state have already declared themselves closed for the day tomorrow. Hopefully, UNL isn't going to be one of them, as Charles has his first final tomorrow and we don't want it to be rescheduled.



This kid cracks me up! She loves this little chair we got her for free off of Craigslist. Last week, Charles was feeling sick and was having a hard time with the cold medications we had him on (apparently antihistamines don't react well with his body...something I will NEVER understand how he can survive without them) and I needed to get some things done around the house. So, I asked Sydney to "take care" of him. You know, kisses and such. She made me bring the chair out of her room and sit it right in front of the couch, right in front of Charles' head, facing him. Every time I tried to move her so they could watch tv or something, it was always, "No, Mommy, I take care of Papa."

04 December 2009

What Ails Us?


This morning, Sydney came into our room after she woke up and was snuggling with us before we all got up for the day. She looked at me and asked me to open my mouth. Then she asked me what I had in my mouth. I figured she was talking about my permanent retainer until she tells me that I had a frog in my mouth and it goes ribbit, ribbit. So, I asked her what she had in her mouth. She said that she had a piggy in her mouth and that it goes oink, oink (which is an improvement...her pigs used to say la, la, la). Then, she told Charles to open his mouth. She then told him he had a cow in his mouth and that the cow goes mooo. Wonder how we cure this? ;)

01 December 2009

Eye Opener

So, I have a new calling, on top of my calling as Relief Society Music Leader. I am an assistant den leader in the Cub Scouts. Specifically over the Bears. Tonight was my first time attending a den meeting. Holy Cow!!! It is going to be interesting. Those boys have ENERGY! It should be fun.

The best part to me is how excited Charles is for me to be in Cub Scouts. When I received the call, I started asking him about it, and he kept going on about the different levels and awards and how it was going to be good practice for whenever we have sons. I love it. I'll have to tell him that he can even earn a patch next year for the 100th anniversary of Scouting.