27 May 2009

Memorial Day--Picture heavy

We had a Memorial Day barbecue with the Griffins and Phairs and Trevor and Julie and Ashley.

Picture 2400

Picture 2401

Picture 2403

Picture 2404

Picture 2405

Picture 2408

Picture 2411

Picture 2420

Picture 2424

Picture 2425

Picture 2426

Picture 2432

Picture 2434

Picture 2436

Picture 2442

Picture 2443

Picture 2447

Picture 2449

Picture 2448

25 May 2009

Cooling Off

It was a hot day last Monday when we went to the park, so afterwards we had otter pops with the Phairs.

Picture 2242

Picture 2243

Picture 2244

Picture 2249

Picture 2251

Picture 2253

Picture 2255

22 May 2009


Well, we got up EXTREMELY early today and took Sydney to the surgical center and she had her tooth removed. The doctor and nurses said she was really good until she woke up from the anesthesia and then she was MAD! She screamed at us all the way home and it continued until about half an hour ago. Now, she's just laying on our bed, snuggling with Charles. What a trooper.

17 May 2009


I always get nervous about blogging while we are out of town. But, we're back from our ten day trip to Nebraska. We went to two graduations, celebrated Mother's Day, went apartment searching in Lincoln, attended a few concerts and took a trip to the zoo. It was a nice break and I will post our pictures and more in the next few days.

16 May 2009

Chelsea's Graduation

Picture 2225

We went to Chelsea's high school graduation on the last day we were in Nebraska.

Picture 2235

Singing in the choir for the last time.

Picture 2236

Mr Rohlfs, super Administrator.

Picture 2237

Getting her diploma.

Picture 2239

Picture 2240

Congratulations Chelsea!

15 May 2009


Picture 2211

We threw a little graduation dinner for Chelsea. Here are some candy graduation caps I made. Sadly, they started to fall apart during dinner.

Picture 2209

Decorations for her dorm room this summer.

Picture 2215


Picture 2219

The graduate. We tried to surprise her, but she wouldn't cooperate.

Picture 2221

14 May 2009


Picture 2175

I went to Chelsea's baccalaureate on Thursday night. It was just the way a baccalaureate should be, short and sweet.

Picture 2178

The best part was hearing West High Singers sing. Eight years ago, I wore those robes.

Picture 2183

Picture 2186

Picture 2189

Chelsea and Jasmine.

Picture 2190

Chelsea and Lauren.

Picture 2195

With her friends, and someone's mom's head.

Henry Doorly Zoo

Picture 2128

We went with my mom and Chelsea to visit the zoo while we were in Nebraska. I posted the pictures I took in three separate posts, sorted by the building they were taken in.

Henry Doorly Zoo part three

Scott Aquarium

Picture 2074

Picture 2081

Picture 2093

Picture 2096

Picture 2102

Picture 2112