31 March 2010

I Say This All Too Often

Please have patience with me...I've been slacking off in the blogging department. I'll try and be better this next month. It should be easy as Charles has finals coming up and will be gone studying a lot here really soon.

23 March 2010

Strategic Air and Space Museum


Sydney and I went to the Strategic Air and Space Museum with the Cub Scouts today. This month's theme has been Take Flight and we've had a lot of fun trying out different ways to make things fly. The museum visit was the equivalent of Pack Meeting this month and we had a lot of fun checking out the airplanes and learning about Leonardo DaVinci.

DaVinci flying machine

Sydney inside DaVinci's "tank"

Building a bridge DaVinci designed

With an airplane...she wanted to go inside all of them so very much

Training module...the only one she could go in

18 March 2010

Spring Break--Lincoln Children's Museum--Picture Heavy

Sydney loves to come here. This time, we came on a Thursday morning and it was lovely. We got to check EVERYTHING out without too much competition from other kids. It was quite fun.




Much to Charles' chagrin, all they have is a Nebraska helmet. We'd all much prefer a BYU one.









17 March 2010

Spring Break--Mormon Island


We went out to Mormon Island to try to see the cranes that migrate through Nebraska in the spring. Sadly, we couldn't see them up close...probably because it was noon and they were out eating. But we did see some fly over head and we got to have some fun running around outside and building a fire (so maybe that was Charles).


Can you tell what kind of bird this is?


It's a Bald Eagle! He was WAY up there, so it's kinda crappy, but it was still cool to see one.


Some cranes flying overhead.


Running outside...it was finally warming up to around 45 degrees!



03 March 2010

Nice Warm Day.


It was a balmy 39 degrees today, so we went for a walk.



There was some snowball throwing.


This is the restaurant parking lot down the street from us. Still lots of snow to melt.


But it is finally, maybe, starting to look like Spring could come.


That makes for a pretty nice outing.

02 March 2010

The Bunny in the Church

So Sydney went with Valerie to Scouts tonight while I went to my oral argument practice for moot court next week. I came by about half way through Scouts and attempted to entertain Sydney in the church. After a few minutes of walking around we stopped at large mirror in one of the foyers. Sydney was sitting on my shoulders. I asked Sydney what she saw and she said, "A Sydney!" I said, "What else?" She replied, "Papa!". I asked, "What else do you see?". She responded, "A bunny way up top on the ceiling. Oh wait is it coming down now!". Then she pointed down the hallway and said, "It go that way Papa! Faster! Get it! Get it!."

We circled around the whole church with her pointing down hall after hall telling me, "Faster Papa! Get Him!". Finally we ended up at one of the exits. She chanted, "Bunny go outside, Get him Papa!" I told her it was too cold outside and that we were not going to go outside. She looked at me and said, "You are crazy Papa! It is not cold outside it is warm!" I did not follow the imaginary bunny outside, but it was okay because I evidently managed to coax him back inside and give him to Sydney. He jumped back down and we spent a few more minutes catching him inside until Valerie was done.

01 March 2010

Pot holder hook?


Oh what a creative girl we have.