25 June 2009


Picture 2712

This has felt like my life for the past month.

We are getting ready to move to Lincoln, Nebraska for Charles to attend law school and it's just been kinda crazy. I keep meaning to blog and hopefully I will have more time in the next few days.

18 June 2009

Monkey See

Picture 2773

Sydney has taken to pulling all the condiments out of the fridge and then saying prayer and singing songs with them. Guess she's getting something out of nursery at church.

Picture 2774

15 June 2009

Sunflares and Temple Grounds

We went to the Provo Temple for Family Home Evening and I had some fun with my camera.

Picture 2651

Picture 2653

Picture 2679

Picture 2680

Picture 2688

Picture 2707

Picture 2673-1

13 June 2009

Ward Camping Trip

Picture 2574

We went camping with our ward up at Hobble Creek. I have a ton of pictures if anyone wants to check them out. We almost stayed the night, but Sydney wouldn't settle down to go to sleep, so we came home about 10:30 pm. It was a fun outing, though.

12 June 2009

Church History Library Open House

Picture 2527

We took a family trip to Salt Lake and went through the new Church History Library's open house. It was pretty awesome to see the rooms where they restore old documents and the vaults where they store the documents. Not only that, but we got to see TONS of cool artifacts and documents that they have stored there.

Picture 2526


Picture 2515

We've slowly started packing and were surprised that Sydney knew exactly what to do. She started packing her books all on her own.

Picture 2517

11 June 2009

Pillow Fight

Picture 2514

Pillow fights with Papa are the best.

No Bake Cookies

Picture 2504

Sydney and I made no-bake cookies together. She was super excited to help me cook and especially excited to eat the cookies we made.

Picture 2509

05 June 2009

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

Picture 2464

I made these for Karen's birthday. Don't they just look yummy?

04 June 2009

Fierce Warrior

Picture 2461

You know, applesauce doesn't make the best war paint....

01 June 2009

Trevor and Julie's Engagement Pictures

Trevor and Julie asked me to take their engagement pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

Picture 2295-1

Picture 2307-1

Picture 2390-1

Picture 2385-1

Picture 2354-2