06 May 2013

Mayor's Run

A couple of weeks ago Sydney came to us and excitedly declared that she wanted to participate in the Mayor's Run. The Mayor's Run is an event in Lincoln where grade school children run a one mile course around the state capital. A random drawing is held with prizes, and all the kid gets a t-shirt, water bottle, and Gatorade. Parents are also encouraged to run with their children for the event.

On the 70 degree day that Sydney approached us with this opportunity it sounded like a great idea. On Saturday when we showed up at the event it was 37 degrees and raining. I ran with Sydney who recorded a 13:50 mile. I could walk and keep pace with her, but she informed me that we were supposed to run, so I was required to take very short running steps. After completion of the event my pedometer registered 5,000 something steps. I am proud that Sydney followed through and we had a great time.

After the excitement was all over we went to the Egg 'n I for a little breakfast.

It was a pretty good morning.

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