18 October 2013

Alright, so it can be hard to get back on track. We have missed a few things the last two months so a little catch up. First, Crawford turned 1! Crazy right.
He received this absolutely fabulous red tricycle, which is most used for storing items in the secret trunk; the toys coolest feature. Of course, now that Crawford is 1 we are no longer allowed to feed him, he must do it himself. Thankfully, he is pretty decent at it for a little guy. He even keeps his pinky up, generally.
Then both of our children had to grow. We have specifically told them not, but they refuse to listen. Growing children means new car seats. We let Sydney help pick hers out. It seemed only fair since the law requires she use a booster until she is 4' 9" and that will likely not happen for her until high school.
While the kids are changing, Valerie are staying our gorgeous selves.
All in all we are a pretty happy family.

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Danielle said...

LOVE The dipping picture! That is worthy of "blow up on the wall" status!
Valerie is definitely gorgeous... Charles... hm... let's go with studly.